We all learn, early on, that there's only so much glue can pull off, or rather, stick on. While there are some truly amazing glues out there, there's only so much adhesives can achieve, chemically speaking. Fortunately, when that toy snaps or that wire breaks, you've got more options than just a tube of superglue. The BONDIC Pro Kit, with extra refills, is 45% off and it will change how you fix your stuff.

Adhesion Vs. Welding

To understand why, let's look at how glue works.

When you spread most glues on something, it makes the surface wet, as it seeps into the material. That begins triggering weak electrostatic forces called Van Der Waals forces. Think of these forces as a bunch of tiny magnets, scattered over a surface. Individually, they don't do much, but there's power in numbers. Press another surface into it, letting the glue do its thing on that surface, and you have two surfaces glued together. Some glues are better at this than others: Cyanoacrylates, for example, form an incredibly strong resin the second they're exposed to a scant amount of water, even water drawn from the air. But fundamentally that's what you're seeing at work.

This is fine for some situations, but as anybody who's been gifted their child's macaroni art can tell you, sooner or later, glue loses its bond between surfaces and you'll need to apply more (or you're cleaning up dry pasta). It also introduces a substance between the two things you want to adhere, which may not be ideal if you're working with conductive materials. Furthermore, most adhesives work best with porous surfaces, making glass, metal, and other common materials hard to adhere.

BONDIC is a form of welding. While this may make you think of steel beams and torches, welding is simply melding two pieces together until they solidify into one continuous piece. In this case, all you need is a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light, which comes from the provided curing pen. That also gives it some advantages over traditional glues that make it worth keeping around your shop.

The Wonders Of Plastic

Why have BONDIC handy?

  • It doesn't harden in the presence of water, only in the presence of the UV light. That makes it easier to use and manipulate, especially in humid or wet environments, so you've got the seal you need. You can even wipe it off and start over if you make a mistake. Another advantage is that this means BONDIC won't stick your fingers together, making it easier to handle.
  • It doesn't need to seep into a surface, so you can use it on metal, glass, ceramic, and other non-porous substances. This also makes it ideal for sealing low-voltage exposed wires (under 24 volts and 1 amp) and for mechanical applications, since it won't leak into the connection and block the flow of current or get between the gears.
  • Once fully cured, it becomes a clear plastic that you can then shape any way you want. Sand it, trim it, paint it, anything you'd normally do. You can even dye it different colors with a little dye powder and a toothpick, so you can match plastic parts to disguise repairs or use it for custom parts for toys and crafts.

And at just $21.99, 45% off, this kit makes it easy to reach for when the glue's not working. So whether you need to fix plastic parts, or just want a more permanent solution than glue, keep a little BONDIC handy.

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