Sure, the cyberpunk genre was intended as a warning about what we don't want to become, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to imagine stories set in a neon-drenched metropolis full of desperate cyborg hackers. Geeek Club is taking that one step further with 5 models that will draw you into a cyber reverie while teaching you the electrical engineering skills you need to hang with the deckers.

Each of these kits comes with all the tools you need to put them together, including safety glasses, a USB soldering iron, soldering wire, and tweezers. Just pop out the pre-printed circuits, follow the instructions, and you'll have a full model arsenal.

Geeek Club DIY Robot Construction Kit

These nanobots launched the Geeek Club kits. Coming in trading-card size packs, each one offers pop-out parts and different functions to put a robot army at your desk. They're also designed to teach electrical engineering, starting with simpler bots and working your way up.

Get the Geeek Club DIY Robot Construction Kit for $125.95 (reg. $129).

Geeek Club 3RT Cyber Copter

Modeled on the real-life Apache helicopter, this model has reversible parts, making it simple to choose a red or silver color. Wire in the LEDs to give it your own custom look. and get ready to buzz building-sized video billboards.

Get the Geeek Club 3RT Cyber Copter for $99.99 (reg. $109.99).

Geeek Club MAT 002 Wipe Racer

Fans of anti-gravity racing games will surely recognize this sleek racer. Designed to look good, and go fast, it's an ideal model for video game fans and anybody who loves speed.

Get the Geeek Club MAT 002 Wipe Racer for $119.99 (reg. $129.99).

Geeek Club MXC Two Legs Heavy Sniper

Hey, just because the droids did the hacking doesn't mean a galaxy far, far away can't be cyberpunk. This 2-legged bot comes in bright yellow to warn anybody not to cross it, and has plenty of lights to configure in just the right style.

Get the Geeek Club MXC Two Legs Heavy Sniper for $149 (reg. $159).

Geeek Club W4 Scout Recon

Finally, never miss a patrol with this intimidating scout ship. Built to fly through the atmosphere, and intimidate any rebels it crosses, it'll keep order anywhere you set it up for display.

Get the Geeek Club W4 Scout Recon for $129.99 (reg. $139).

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