Microscopes have advanced a long way from biology class. There are now microscopes so powerful they can watch atoms vibrate, and that advancement means what used to be an exclusively scientific instrument is now available to makers, engineers, and anybody who wants to get up close. This 7" HD Digital USB Microscope lets you get a good look, and you won't even have to squint in an eyepiece. Valued at $299, it's on sale for just $203.95.

All The Zoom, None Of The Squint

If your memories are of focusing eyepieces and then a lens, no longer. This microscope comes with a 7" IPS screen to ease eyestrain and offer large, detailed images to let you focus on what you're doing. Solder circuits, apply paint and glue to projects, and more with 1080p video and an easy-to-view screen.

And for science projects and record-keeping, you can simply connect to a Mac or Windows computer to shoot video and capture high resolution imagery. You can create instructional video and share field observations with just a laptop and a cord. It also charges from USB and weighs only 3.09 pounds, so it can come with you out in the field.

A Scientific Instrument For Everyone

In addition to the new technology, it's also got the fundamentals. The front and rear zoom are carefully calibrated so you can lock them in and begin observing.

For lighting, you've got 10 bright LEDs and one super-bright, with fully adjustable dimming to bring out detail without blowing out your image. And with a focus range of 0 to 55mm and working height of 0 to 60mm, you'll be able to get in and look closely. It's a perfect gift for hobbyists, makers, budding scientists, and for field work where you need more than just a lens clipped over your iPhone.

Get a 7" HD Digital USB Microscope for $203.95 (reg. $299.99).

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