Water is the building block of life. And as we learn more about dehydration's effects, whether you're a little parched or in serious danger, it becomes clear that keeping some water on you is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The FLPSDE, a dual-chamber water bottle, makes it easy to not only have water handy, but snacks, keys, and a lot more, while leaving no disposable plastic behind.

Made from medical-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, the FLPSDE starts as a great water bottle. It holds 20oz of water, making it perfect for both indoors and outdoor hydration. Using vacuum isolation to seal the bottle, it's ideal for both hot and cold liquids. Turn it over and you'll find a chamber on the bottom that can hold up to seven ounces of snacks, making it ideal for trips where you need to save space in your bag for other items, and letting you ditch those wasteful disposable baggies. As Food Network puts it, "If you're excited to stop using single-use plastics, this bottle kills two birds with one stone."

The convenient design includes wide mouths on both ends to make it easy to fill, a rubber grip around the middle, and caps with a low profile that help it stand up regardless of which end it's resting on. The FLPSDE also has a built-in carrying handle on the liquid end of the bottle that stows inside the cap, so you can clip it to your bag, or keep it to hand, and go. It's even designed to be easy to clean; just slide out the bottom chamber and you'll be able to scrub every surface, no special brush needed.

Keeping your drinks and snacks handy on the go can be a challenge for even the most organized, and doing it without disposable plastic is even more of a challenge. The FLPSDE saves you space and time, and helps you reduce plastic waste. It's available for $35, in five colors.

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