Wherever we as a species go, we tend to figure out how to build a pool nearby, even when "nearby" means "13 stories underground." And that's got its positives, but it also means lots of towels to wash. So if you love swimming, or just would rather skip the towel after a shower, the Viatek Body Dryer can keep you clean.

Dry Off, Touch-Free

To ditch the towel, all you need to do is set up the body dryer near your shower, pool, or other water sources, and when you're ready to be dry, step onto the dryer. The body dryer senses your weight and deploys a gust of air moving at up to 100mph from underneath to dry you off. And as it'll support weight up to 350 pounds, the whole family can use it, pets included; you'll never have to chase a wet dog ever again.

Even better, you've got plenty of control over the speed of the dryer and the temperature. It also comes with a convenient remote control for those times when you're struggling with a toddler, a dog, or another creature in your home who apparently runs at the first sign of a towel.

The ABS plastic construction and rugged design means anywhere you can plug it in, you can set it up. Put it in the bathroom to reduce your towel consumption, or set it up by the pool so you can jump in, get in a good swim, and be dry in time to get on your next video conference with no one the wiser.

Whether you want to reduce your towel usage to keep detergents and microplastics out of the environment, or need to look good for a video call after a quick shower after your workout, the Viatek Body Dryer makes it simple. And at $249.99 — 16% off the MSRP — it'll keep you dry for less.

Prices subject to change.

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