While we're closer to replacement ears than you might think, there's no substitute for caring for the ones you already have. The SPADE MINI Smart Ear Wax Remover helps you keep your ears clean and monitor your ear health, and for a limited time, you can save an additional 15% in our Pre-Black Friday Sale.

Protecting Your Hearing, And The Planet

Cotton swabs aren't good for your ears. Instead of removing excess sebum (aka earwax), they tend to push it deeper or compact it into a mass that's harder to get out. They can even, in extreme circumstances, get stuck or penetrate the eardrum.

And they're even worse for the planet. They pollute waterways, wind up in the stomachs of animals and humans, and can linger for years depending on the materials used.

A Clear Ear

The SPADE MINI solves these problems and gives you more tools to protect your hearing. A 3-megapixel camera streams wirelessly to your phone, so you can monitor your ear canal for injury, signs of infection, and other data you can record and email to your doctor. 6 LEDs give you all the light you need to see.

It also comes with six soft silicone tips you can use to scoop out excess wax, with four different shapes to remove clumps and compacted masses. The charger also serves as a dock and a storage base, so you can keep it out of the way, with an attractive matte finish in blue dawn.

Each charge also lasts up to 60 days, so you can take your SPADE MINI with you on trips or to work, as needed, and keep track of your ears.

Get the SPADE MINI Smart Ear Wax Remover for $33.99 (reg. $62) with code SAVE15NOV in our Pre-Black Friday Sale.

Prices subject to change.

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