In the last two years, video calls and streaming have gone from useful tools and amusements to the centerpiece of our lives and how we stay connected. Yet it's also meant that we've had to upgrade the quality of our video as well. XSplit has two deals that help you polish any video, and support any stream.

A Stronger Stream

First, XSplit Broadcaster Premium offers a better stream. At the most basic levels, it offers a suite of tools to easily incorporate calls from multiple platforms, including Skype, Zoom, Teams, and Discord, ideal for managing company summits, live-streamed interviews, and other meetings of the mind.

Next, it makes adding other content, such as GIFs and images, easy and you can quickly add transition and animations to your stream to make it more compelling or hand off between hosts. Behind the scenes, Broadcaster helps you manage your stream, giving you a digital control booth to tweak audio, preview scenes, and incorporate content on the fly.

Get XSplit Broadcaster Premium: Lifetime Subscription (Windows) for $79 (reg. $200).

A Better Background

XSplit VCam Premium helps you polish your individual calls and streams with crisp, quick background removal. Use Portrait Mode to better emphasize your face, replace your background with any content to better improve presentations or video recordings, or just blur your background.

Each tool offers a wide range of control, so you can tweak your stream until you're happy with every frame. It's easy to incorporate into any app, from social media to professional streaming tools, and allows you to quickly polish what you're showing.

It's particularly ideal for situations where you can't bring a lighting kit or a control board with you. Keep VCam ready to go and you can hop on a call, enter a stream, or take an interview anywhere you are.

Get XSplit VCam Premium: Lifetime Subscription (Mac & Windows) for $29 (reg. $60). 

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