Waiting out a nuclear winter sounds like a lot more fun with access to a waterslide and bar.

Apocalypse in Luxury

While humanity is still dealing with an ongoing pandemic of disastrous proportions, some Americans are preparing for a very different doomsday scenario: waiting out a nuclear winter inside luxurious underground bunkers.

CNET's Claire Reilly recently got an exclusive look at just how lavish this kind of apocalyptic lifestyle could be — if you can afford it, that is.

Survival Condo

Reilly got a tour of the Survival Condo, a vintage doomsday bunker that's been converted into a luxury condominium complex comprised of 15 floors, reaching 200 feet below the ground, roughly 200 miles from Kansas City.

The gigantic complex dates back to the Cold War and has been retrofitted with nine-foot reinforced concrete walls. According to its renovators, it can withstand a 12-kiloton nuclear warhead being dropped just half a mile away.

For a measly million dollars, plus an additional monthly $2,500, survivors can enjoy a variety of facilities, ranging from a massive resort-sized swimming pool, complete with a waterslide, to a rock climbing wall and even a shooting range. There's even a classroom and library, a cinema, and a bar.

Waiting Game

The facilities are powered by five redundant energy sources, including a wind turbine on the surface. A hydroponic system even allows for fresh fruit and vegetables to extend a vast preserved food supply.

Signing for a condo even means that a large portion of the internet will get downloaded, depending on your needs, so you can access anything from medical to hobby information if the web goes down.

Inhabitants will have to deal with bidets, though, since storing five years of toilet paper for all condo units would take up an entire floor.

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