As we go from unsustainable clothing to fungal leather and eco-friendly fabrics, the question of keeping your clothes clean while reducing the ecological impact lingers. This Ecoegg™ bundle makes it simple to remove dirt and preserve your fashion, and you can save an additional 15% for a limited time as part of our Pre-Black Friday sale.

Cleaner Clothes, Safer Planet

The main issue with most modern laundry detergents is that they knock the balance of nutrients in water out of whack. The phosphorus and nitrogen found in the industrial surfactants used in detergent can get into waterways, driving up the nutrient content and feeding harmful algal blooms and invasive plants, while draining the water of the dissolved oxygen other life needs.

Ecoegg uses minerals instead to lift dirt away. That way, the water from your laundry won't knock any ecosystems out of balance.

Easier Laundry

Add the mineral pellets to the Ecoegg and place it on top of your laundry. The mix of minerals makes the water slightly alkaline, helping to loosen dirt and grime while being gentle on the skin. The Dryer Egg replaces fabric softener with a much lighter scent, or go fragrance free.

Finally, the Detox Tab is a deep clean for your washer, helping you get out the residues and other issues that will inevitably collect with any laundry machine. Each Egg is fully recyclable, so once it's served its purpose, it can be returned to the consumer process. And since the Ecoegg is refillable, it saves space and plastic usually dedicated to bulky detergent bottles or packet containers, making your laundry room that much more planet-friendly.

Get the Ecoegg™ Bundle for 210 Washes: Laundry Egg + Dryer Egg + Detox Tab for $29.74 (reg. $42) with code SAVE15NOV in our Pre-Black Friday Sale.

Prices subject to change.

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