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Breathe Freely With The Naväge Nose Cleaning Tool

Keep your sinuses clear, flush out pollen and allergens and more with the Naväge nose cleaner.

Jun 29 by Futurism Creative
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The nose is one of the key connections between the outside world and your body, for better or worse. Yet most of the ways we have to clean the nose are wasteful or ineffective.

Rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, this Naväge Clean-Nose Choice Package will not only help you literally keep your nose clean, but do it in a more sustainable way. It typically retails for $134, and is on sale now for 25% off at just $99.95.

Created by inventor Martin Hoke to help treat his sinusitis, the Naväge is based on the neti pot, which uses salt water to clear out the nose. Unlike forceful blowing or rooting around with a tissue, which can cause nosebleeds or shove allergens in deeper, the neti pot circulates water through the sinuses before flowing back out, washing away anything that doesn’t belong in your nostrils.

Hoke tried the neti and found that it worked, but found it hard to do and somewhat intimidating. So he designed a device that gently removes the water through one nostril with light suction, pulling it through in a gentle cycle that’s cleaner and easier to manage, with no tilting or blowing needed. It also pulls the water into a separate tank to check if needed, and it keeps trees in forests, not in tissue boxes. To add salinity, you can just click in a SaltPod and it’ll balance the water’s mineral content automatically.


In addition to breathing clearly, the bundle comes with everything you need to keep your nose clean. The bundle includes a second nasal dock with nose pillow; 20 SaltPods, as well a two-pack of Eucalyptus pods for a clearer feeling; a convenient travel bag in hunter green, and a countertop caddy that lets you air-dry your Naväge and keep your vanity or countertop orderly.

Normally, this bundle would cost $134, but right now, you can save 25% and get the full Naväge Clean-Nose Choice Package for $99.95.

Prices subject to change.

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