Pokémon Go has finally been released and both Android and iOS users can now catch virtual Pokémon in the real world. It is currently available only in certain countries but have no fear: it will be launched worldwide within the next few days…and it’s free!

The augmented reality game incorporates data from your device’s GPS and camera to project Pokémon within your vicinity, and will prompt you to get on your feet to find more. 

Pokémon GO Plus

Interaction between players is also required, since some Pokémon are indigenous to certain areas in the country, and certain habitats—a detail that stays true to the original game. Unless you can travel the world over, trading would be your most convenient move.

Oh, and you can also battle with other players.

You can also get the Pokemon GO Plus, a vibrating portable device that will alert you of any lurking Pokémon even when you’re not looking at your phone. It should be out on the market late this month.

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