New York has been staging plans to bring 21st century amenities right into its infrastructure, like city-wide free WiFi access. Now these improvements are coming to...the subway?

As it turns out, the iconic NYC subway is going to get an upgrade, and newly released plans detail the inner-workings of how city management teams are planning to upgrade the whole system.

Part of the $27 billion, five-year plan outlined by Governor Andrew Cuomo this July 18 includes free WiFi and USB charging ports in the New York's subway cars and stations.

Also, the train cars look pretty futuristic.

As you can see from the above image, the bigger plan for the subway are ultimately dealing with sizing and the actual transport of passengers: More cars, better security features, wider doors, and more passenger space.

Part of this will include adding "full color digital customer information displays," digital ad space, and facilities to allow people to actually work in the subway.

"People want to work, and they want their device to work 24 hours a day," Governor Cuomo during the event at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn. "They don't want to have to look up. There has to be WiFi, and there need to be charging ports."

The first phase of the plan involves extensive restorations to 31 key stations across the city, with plans to upgrade another 170 stations in the future.

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