16 January 2021
Tag Hartman-Simkins

With Looming Ban, People Are Plotting to Hoard Juul Pods

"Hoarding Juul pods for bartering in the looming apocalypse."
by Dan Robitzski /

On Wednesday, the Trump Administration called for a ban on all flavored vape liquid in the wake of a mysterious lung illness, tied to vaping, that’s now claimed at least six lives in the U.S.

Now, with the FDA expected to take flavored vapes off the shelves in the near future, some people are planning — or at least tweeting about planning — to stock up on their beloved Mango-flavored Juul pods and other candy-flavored vape juices.

Others seem to be prepping for a “Mad Max” scenario — vape god style.

While implying that a ban on flavored vapes would cause society’s downfall might be a touch dramatic, others posted slightly more practical takes. Some said that they wanted to maintain their own private stashes of flavor-filled vapes, not unlike doomsday preppers filling their bunkers with beans and lentils.

Others joked — or maybe they weren’t joking — about stocking up so that they could flip them for profit, gouging the unfortunate suckers who didn’t think to load up in advance.

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