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It could soon be over for JUUL, at least in the United States.

The Food and Drug Administration is getting ready to boot the popular e-cigarette company out of the US market, The Wall Street Journal reports.

An announcement is expected as early as Wednesday, according to the WSJ's sources, in the culmination of a two-year-long investigation into the company.

JUUL, one of the most popular vaping brands in the country, offers a number of different menthol- and tobacco-based products that vaporize the nicotine instead of burning it, with proponents arguing it's a great way to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

The reality, though, is that the tech may actually be getting far more people — teens in particular — hooked on nicotine. The company has increasingly come under fire from regulators and lawmakers after being accused of intentionally marketing their products to minors.

New data also shows e-cigarettes could come with some serious side effects to health. And that's bad news: according to a study published last month, more than one million youth in the US aged between 14 and 17 became new daily tobacco users within a single two year period.

The FDA already banned the sale of all sweet and fruit-flavored e-cigarette cartridges back in early 2020.

The JUUL ban may not mark the end of the e-cigarette trend in the country. Its biggest rivals could soon overtake the rest of the tobacco-based e-cigarette market, the WSJ reports.

The e-cigarette maker will also still have the option of appealing the FDA's decision in court, but only time will tell whether this FDA decision sticks.

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