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One of the most profound quotes of all time goes a little something like this, "We are made of star stuff." When it boils down to it, this statement tells us something inherently humbling; that we, and everything else in the universe, share a common cosmological origin. However, to some, the sentiment might be a little vague

When Carl Sagan famously said this, what exactly did he mean by it? Rather, what is its scientific foundation? Ahead of Sagan's birthday earlier this month (on November 9th), the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) teamed up with Sam Kean, a best-selling author, to explain the science backing this iconic quote.

Additionally, this video divulges just how many of your atoms were forged in the nuclear furnace of a heavyweight star billions of years ago.

WATCH: "Why We Are Made of "Star Stuff" - Reactions"


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