Planning a vacation to the Philippines? Consider staying at the Lewis Grand Hotel, where a newly-printed room awaits its first guests. You read that right. The hotel, which is located in Angeles City, Pampanga, has the world's first 3D-printed hotel suite.

Printing a Hotel Suite in 100 Hours

Hotel owner and materials science engineer Lewis Yakich worked with 3D printing specialist Anthony Rudenko to create the hotel suite. The two men worked together to design the massive 3D printer that spews out the concrete made from sand and volcanic ash.

"The Philippines is actually a great place for concrete printing because of the weather," says Yakich. "Currently everything is made out of concrete, and it's a third-world country so it can do a lot of good in disaster zones, etc."

The resulting 3D-printed hotel suite houses two separate bedrooms, a living room, and spa complete with its very own 3D-printed jacuzzi. According to Yakich, the room should meet engineering standards, allowing the suite to be commercially operational.

In total, the suite took more than 100 hours to print.

Photo Credit: Anthony Rudenko
Photo Credit: Anthony Rudenko

At this time, the hotel suite is complete—but you won't be able to make a reservation just yet. It's still unknown when it will become open to the public or how much it will cost for a night.

This build was just the beginning for Yakich. He plans to use 3D printing to make a positive impact on the Philippines. In fact, he has secured permission from the government to build 200 3D-printed projects for low-income families. 

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