Virgin Galactic has been quietly trying to lick its wounds ever since a crash in late 2014 stalled its space ambitions for a few years. But now it has a brand new ship and a lot of high hopes for their future in space travel.

And now, they are a step closer to realizing those ambitions, after getting federal approval for their spacecraft. The US Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA-AST) has just issued an operator license to Virgin Galactic to operate its SpaceShipTwo.

And it celebrated by taking a walk.

Virgin Galactic

The FAA-AST granted the license after an in-depth review of the vehicles system design, safety analysis, and flight trajectory analysis, which made up several years of in-depth interaction with regulatory bodies.

The approval coincides with a SpaceShipTwo taxi test, an important milestone in testing and prepping the ship for launch.

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