Our COVID-era "new normal" is clearly impacting the economy, our healthcare systems, our social lives, and even the way we protest. But what about our memories? Last summer, new research showed that increased internet usage might not only inhibit our ability to concentrate on a single task but the way we store information in our brains. A year later, we're spending more time on the internet than ever before, and it may be time we consider working out our brains in the same way we work out our bodies.

The Ultimate Memory Master Bundle offers exactly that. Through seven courses and 20 hours of instruction, you'll learn real techniques to help you improve your memory, focus, and more. Right now, Futurism readers can get lifetime access to all the above for a one-time price of $19.99 from StackSocial. Got extra time on your hands? Give your brain a workout.

Here's a taste of the included courses:

Memory Improvement for Beginners

It's not uncommon to assume that memory is simply something we're born with and have no actual control over. Memory starting to slip? Must be old age. Can't remember where you put your keys? You must be forgetful. But the truth is that memory techniques can be studied and mastered, and this course is the ideal guide. You'll learn memory improvement techniques you can implement in your daily life from Chris Nemo, the memory expert behind the premier blog for memory improvement frameworks. "The Mnemo Bay,"

Complete Memory Improvement Course

This course, also led by Chris Nemo, explores everything from the history of memory improvement to memory-boosting activities you can apply daily. You'll get tips and tricks from other memory experts, and even dive into how these techniques can improve your life as a whole.

The Power of Focus: Boost Your Brain

Ever heard of Dual Brain Theory? You will after completing this 1.5-hour course centered on improving your ability to focus. The course is led by Gregory Caremans, founder of Brain Academy and expert contributor to Entrepreneur, CNN, and The Economist. Complete the included coursework and you'll be armed with actionable techniques for improving your focus and brain operation.

Neuroplasticity: How to Rewire Your Brain

Neuroplasticity is all about the ability to change your habits and form new ones. Yes, it's actually possible, and this course, featuring 30 exercises, can help. Again led by Gregory Caremans, this course is less about theory and more about hands-on approaches to changing the way you think and act.

With the Ultimate Memory Mastery Bundle, you'll get the above four courses plus three more. Each course typically costs $199 when purchased separately, so the bundle is a limited-time opportunity to soak up this knowledge at a time when our brains may need it most. Take a break from streaming shows and reading the news, and give your brain a workout. Click here for more information.

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