Have Some Pi

Four years after the Raspberry Pi was first introduced, the company behind it is now introducing its latest product: the Raspberry Pi 3, Model B—and it comes complete with a 64-bit Raspberry Pi, WiFi and Bluetooth.

The specs, as detailed in the video below, include a quad-core ARM Cortex that is said to now be 50% faster than its predecessor, a built-in 4.1, 400MHz VideoCore IV multimedia, and 1GB LPDDR2-900 SDRAM.

All these features now make the Pi 3 not only a desktop replacement but an evolution of the original, in keeping with the product’s backwards compatibility.

What to Expect

If you think that the new Pi 3 functions just like the Pi 2, especially since the board looks almost identical to its predecessor, think again.

Despite maintaining the $35 price, the architecture of the Pi 3 has been upgraded and clocks in at an impressive 1.2 GHz. So not only is it faster, it’s also more efficient. Unfortunately, it also means that’s using up more power than the Pi 2.

Image Credit: Raspberry Pi 3

That said, the new specs seem to be “good enough” for most to use as a replacement desktop PC. Especially given the connectivity features that it now features through the WiFi and Bluetooth.

While old Pi could easily be added with hardware to gain the functionality, the now built-in features ensure that users now don’t have to deal with incompatible hardware and driver concerns.

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