Solar Panels on a Gas Station?

There's a new solar power gig in Dubai in a very unexpected location: a gas station. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) just built its first solar powered gas station on Dubai's main Sheikh Zayed Road. Constructed by the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), the new service station is covered with solar panels capable of generating up to 120 kilowatt hours. 

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According to ENOC, the panels produce about 30 percent more energy than what the gas station actually needs. Therefore, the excess power the panels generate gets sent back into Dubai's electric grid.What makes the development particularly fascinating is that Dubai is one of the world's biggest oil producers,  yet it's been taking an active lead in pushing for renewable and cleaner energy.

This strengthens Dubai's position as "the city of the future"; a position that's also supported by Dubai's various projects that are planned — or already on the way — such as the Hyperloop, a 3D-printed skyscraper, the 3D-printed "office of the future," robot police, and autonomous cars. Dubai also wants to have an information hub to fight modern society's issues, as well as its own space agency to contribute to the future missions to Mars.

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