Elon Musk walks into a sombrero festival... and the memes write themselves.

As KEVO-TV reports, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO was spotted at the Charro Days festival in Brownsville, TX — the city nearby where SpaceX's Starbase HQ is located — over the weekend when someone handed him a spiropapa, or a delicious fried potato spiral on a stick.

Photographed multiple times with his and Grimes' toddler X Æ A-12, affectionately known as "Baby X," Musk was also documented taking a giant bite of the starchy treat and pretty much instantly became even more of a meme.

This guy simply couldn't get enough of that fried potato spiral. And really, who can blame him?

Naturally, there's already been countless permutations of the photo edited into various meme formats. Here are some of our favs.


This post jokes that the xenomorph from the "Alien" franchise is Musk's "final form." And it honestly? It just might track.


"Two shitposts for the price of one," commented another user, along with a brilliant photoshop inserting the spiropapa into SpaceX's "Mechazilla" Starship catching tower.

We did it, Joe

Perhaps referencing the other big Musk news of the weekend — that he's deploying his SpaceX-powered Starlink satellite internet service to Ukraine amid the Russian invasion — this incredible post is just galaxy-brained enough to work.

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