Do you see the cat?

I Can Has Cape?

Cats have had a stranglehold on the internet since, well, basically always. One of the earliest and most famous cat memes in history, "I Can Has Cheezburger?" was posted in the early 2000s and lives on through modern iterations of the web's love for felines.

Nowhere was it more apparent than in this week's image from the Canadian Space Agency. The organization tweeted a photo of the Cape Breton Highlands, but most people just saw a kitty extending a paw toward the sky.

"The Cape Breton Highlands are home to the oldest rocks in Nova Scotia," the CSA tweeted, pictured above.

Fan love for the image was hot enough to land the photo a post on CNET and a follow-up tweet from the CSA making some punny cat jokes.

"Apparently, quite a few of you see a cat in this satellite image. Does it mean it should have been named Cat Breton instead of Cape Breton? Help us sort out this confusion please," CSA said online.

The original photo was taken in April 2021 by the European Space Agency's Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite. It was processed by Lost Art Cartography artist Marcel Morin. At least one photography fan was so struck by the image they recreated a cute kitty of their own, pictured below.

Space and Time

We're big fans of any effort that gets folks interested in space photography and geography. The CSA photo also shares a special connection with the United States because it features remnants of the Appalachian Mountains, which begin in Canada and extend to Alabama, according to Britannica.

The Appalachians are some of the oldest meow-tains in the world, which is why they're so weathered and don't have as many tall peaks as the Rocky Mountains. CSA's photo also includes the Aspy Fault line and the space agency reports that snow can remain in the area as late as July.

Pretty and pretty cool history — now that's a tale worth meowing about!

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