Twitter CEO Elon Musk is complaining about how few people are interacting with his tweets, Platformer reports, in an internal tantrum that underlines just how little he knows about the company he bought for $44 billion last year.

"This is ridiculous," Musk raged, according to Platformer's multiple sources, during a meeting at Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco. "I have more than 100 million followers, and I’m only getting tens of thousands of impressions."

That means one engineer had the unpleasant task of informing Musk that data suggested it wasn't an inherent algorithm bias — it was likely just due to the fact that people are getting kinda sick of his antics.

Musk, in response, threw a fit, telling the engineer: "You're fired. You're fired."

The billionaire entrepreneur has previously complained that despite Twitter being "much more alive" than "it may seem," 90 percent of Twitters users "read, but don't tweet, reply or like," according to a December tweet.

Yet recent data suggests that Twitter usage is in decline in the US ever since Musk took over.

One thing's for sure: the social media platform has been mired in absolute chaos ever since Musk took over the reins in November. Massive layoffs hit the site, with Musk gutting countless teams that were vital to keeping it running both technologically and as a business.

The cracks are really starting to show as a result, with users noticing more and more glitches. Things have gotten so bad, Musk was forced to tell employees this week to "please pause for now on new feature development in favor of maximizing system stability and robustness, especially with the Super Bowl coming up," as Fortune reports.

Where that leaves the company remains to be seen. According to Platformer's sources, "we haven't seen much in the way of longer term, cogent strategy," adding that engineers are spending most of their time "putting out fires" which were caused by "firing the wrong people."

"We mostly move from dumpster fire to dumpster fire, from my perspective," the source told Platformer.

Meanwhile, employees are dealing with being forced to sleep in the offices' "sad hotel rooms." They reportedly don't even chat about work on Slack anymore.

In short, most of the remaining employees are ready to jump ship as soon as they have a new gig lined up.

But above all, Musk's ego is still taking up most of the vacuum in meetings, something that is clearly hampering operations at the company.

"He really doesn’t like to believe that there is anything in technology that he doesn’t know, and that’s frustrating," an employee told Platformer. "You can’t be the smartest person in the room about everything, all the time."

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