Dinosaur bones are always the main attraction at natural history museums, and it’s not hard to understand why. Even if most of them did have feathers, dinosaurs are still awesome. Massive, ferocious, and millions of years old, they inspire more childlike wonder than any other creatures in the history of the planet. And now you can actually own your very own spinosaurus tooth because of the dinosaur fossils for sale at Mini Museum.

Mimi Museum was the lifelong dream of entrepreneur and self-described adventurer Hans Fex. It was officially founded back in 2014 when Fex launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a collection of expertly curated miniature artifacts and specimens “from earth and beyond.” Since then, Mini Museum has released three more editions, which include things like space gems, moon dust, ancient Egyptian mummy beads, Viking axes, pieces of the space shuttle, water from the Amazon river, and dinosaur bone fragments, among other things. However, in an effort to cater to collectors with very specific interests, Mini Museum also now sells individual specimens. And one of the most incredible things you can buy from Mini Museum’s fossil and geology collection is a tooth from a Spinosaurus, one of the biggest and most terrifying carnivores in the fossil record.

Spinosaurus Tooth - One of the Dinosaur Fossils for Sale at Mini Museum

Mini Museum

Topping out at a whopping 59 feet long, with a long narrow crocodile-like skull and a distinctive fan-like spine, the semi-aquatic Spinosaurus is one of the most interesting dinosaurs that ever existed. And because of the dinosaur fossils for sale at Mini Museum, you can actually own a tooth from one of these unique animals that lived between 93 and 112 million years ago.

As you would expect, the Spinosaurus teeth Mini Museum has collected are not uniform in size. For that reason the specimens are categorized as small, medium, and large. The large specimens measure 2.25 inches or greater and sell for just $89 (although smaller sizes are available). Regardless of size, every specimen is a complete crown and partial root, and comes in a glass-topped riker box measuring 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches.

Of course, while a Spinosaurus tooth would make an amazing addition to anybody’s personal artifact collection, there’s always Mini Museum’s flagship collection if you find yourself wanting more.

Mini Museum Fourth Edition

The Mini Museum Fourth Edition is a collection of 29 rare miniature specimens and artifacts spanning billions of years, all encased in a clear acrylic block just five inches tall, four inches wide, and one inch thick. While there is no Spinosaurus bone in this particular collection, there is a fragment of a raptor bone, a piece of a Plesiosaur paddle, a chunk of Sarcosuchus armor, and a piece of a saber-tooth tiger bone. There are also extraterrestrial amino acids that date back to the origins of our solar system; igneous rock produced from the cataclysmic volcanic eruptions that caused the greatest extinction event in earth’s history; a piece of tile from an Ancient Roman bath house; a fragment of the original Hollywood sign salvaged in 1878; and a piece of a punching bag once used by Muhammad Ali.

Each and every Mini Museum is handmade and individually numbered with laser etching. They come with a certificate of authenticity, a detailed hard-cover specimen guide, a microfiber pouch, and display and storage box. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational one-of-a-kind gift, or you’re simply a history buff looking to add something truly unique to your collection, the Mini Museum Fourth Edition will not disappoint. And if you are looking for dinosaur fossils for sale, the Mini Museum also has you covered.

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