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If you’re into science, nature, and history, you probably love visiting museums and exploring collections of rare and unique objects such as dinosaur fossils. However, you don’t have to visit an actual museum to surround yourself with priceless artifacts. Building y our own personal collection of stunning scientific and cultural specimens is not nearly as difficult or expensive as you might think. In fact, thanks to Mini Museum, it’s actually easier than shopping for a pair of jeans.

Mini Museum is the brainchild of entrepreneur and adventurer Hans Fex. Founded in 2014, the company's team of archivists and curators create miniature collections of artifacts and specimens “from earth and beyond,” giving regular everyday people unprecedented access to priceless pieces of history.

These mini collections are beautifully encased in a clear acrylic block the size of a small book, which you can easily hold in your hands or display on a shelf. Each one is a handcrafted limited edition, individually numbered and laser etched. And all come with a detailed companion guide, a custom display and storage box, and a certificate of authenticity.

The earliest versions of the Mini Museum contained a wide variety of natural and man-made specimens spanning eons, and the flagship editions still do. However, a few years ago Mini Museum started offering individual specimens catering to collectors with special interests. And now, for the first time, they are offering an entire collection for armchair paleontologists with a keen interest in dinosaurs.

Mini Museum – Age of Dinosaurs Edition - Dinosaur Fossils And More (Pre-Order)

Mini Museum

The all-new Age of Dinosaurs edition of the Mini Museum contains 32 incredible specimens spanning 185 million years. They include actual dinosaur specimens such as eggs, footprints, bone fragments, skin fragments, teeth, and plate fragments, plus geological specimens such volcanic rock from The Great Dying and tree fossils from the super-continent Gondwana.

The Mini Museum Age of Dinosaurs Edition makes the perfect gift for dinosaur lovers young and old. It measures 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 1 inch thick and comes with the detailed companion guide, custom display and storage box, custom microfiber pouch, and a certificate of authenticity. Quantities are extremely limited, so don’t wait to order.

Of course, if you’d like something a bit more diverse, you can always purchase one of the original Mini Museums.

Mini Museum – 3rd Edition

Mini Museum

The Mini Museum 3rd Edition contains 29 rare miniature specimens and artifacts spanning billions of years. Specimens include a 4.5 billion-year-old space gem; a Megalodon tooth; a giant sloth claw; a fragment of ancient Egyptian papyrus; a 14th-century Samurai sword; a piece of Alcatraz; a fragment of a rotor from a WWII Enigma machine; a piece of the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where the Beatles frequently played; a fragment of one of Steve Jobs’ iconic turtle necks; and much more.

Like all Mini Museums, the 3rd Edition is handmade and individually numbered with laser etching. It comes with a certificate of authenticity, a detailed hard-cover specimen guide, a microfiber pouch, and a display and storage box.

Mini Museum – 4th Edition

Mini Museum

Like the Mini Museum 3rd edition, the 4th Edition also contains 29 rare miniature specimens and artifacts artfully encased in a clear acrylic block. Specimens in this collection include a fragment of a raptor bone; a chunk of Sarcosuchus armor; a piece of a saber-tooth tiger bone; extraterrestrial amino acids dating back to the origins of our solar system; igneous rock produced from the cataclysmic volcanic eruptions that caused the greatest extinction event in earth’s history; a piece of tile from an Ancient Roman bathhouse; a fragment of the original Hollywood sign salvaged in 1878; water from the Amazon river; a fragment of shield window from the Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic bomb; a piece of a punching bag once used by Muhammad Ali, and much more.

The Mini Museum 4th edition is handmade and individually numbered with laser etching, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity, a detailed hard-cover specimen guide, a microfiber pouch, and display and storage box.

Whether you’re looking to inspire someone you care about with a one-of-a-kind gift, or you’re simply a history buff looking to add something truly unique to your collection, the Mini Museum will not disappoint. Order yours before they’re all gone.

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