Research into reading habits finds that as we get older and rack up more responsibilities, we have read fewer books. That doesn't mean we're reading less; according to one analysis, the average American employee spends 28% of their time reading their email. And when we do read books, it can often go out of our conscious minds quickly, leaving us to um and ah our way through work conversations.

The 12min Micro Book Library was designed to help you get caught up with the latest books your team is talking about and to jog your memory about what you've read. Even better, a lifetime subscription is just $39 for a limited time, 88% off the usual price. So how does it work, and how will it help you keep what you've read top of mind?

How It Works

The 12min team focuses on non-fiction, picking up both popular bestsellers and reader suggestions to add thirty new titles, every month, to a growing library. For each book, a committee of readers expert in the field goes through the book several times in detail, and meet to discuss its most important points. Once they have a full grasp of the book, they write a new micro book that distills it down to its most important concepts and points that can be read or listened to in 12 minutes.

From there, you can access the entire library, audio or text, from the app, at any time, efficiently and easily. For example, the average American commute, one-way, is 26.1 minutes, a perfect length of time to get caught up on two micro books in the morning, and two more in the evening.

Audio And Text

That you've got two ways to experience the book is also important. Reading and listening are two different skills that offer different ways to pick up and comprehend information. The micro book format allows you to do both; you can read it first, to better engage with the material and absorb the main points, and then listen to the audio version to keep the book and its topics at the front of your mind, so you can discuss it and apply it more effectively.

This can also be useful if you're reading the whole book and want to be sure you're getting the most out of it. By having the relevant points front of mind as you read, you'll be able to focus on the fine details as well. Or if you're working your way through a podcast on a subject, you can use micro books to follow up on topics and get more out of what's being said.

Books Where You Need Them

The 12min Micro Book Library is built for both iOS and Android platforms, and for use both on and offline. Since the micro books are concise, you can fit a whole library of them onto your phone for listening in places where you lose signal, and have them handy for those slow moments of the day when you really need a book. And since you have unlimited access, you can go back at any time. It also supports the Kindle, so you can keep a micro book handy to read there as well.

At just $39, an 88% discount, the 12min Micro Book Library ensures you'll stay on top of the ever-growing list of non-fiction you want to read and do it on your terms. Whether you want to know what your coworkers are talking about, or get more out of the books you own, it'll make your reading life that much richer.

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