Between thriving at work, reaching your fitness goals, and pursuing the zillion other ambitions you have, life can get pretty busy. And, finding the time to do all those things and get to bed at a reasonable hour can seem like a superhuman feat.

The key is equipping yourself with the right tools and know-how to do those things smarter and faster. That's where The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle comes into play. Now on sale for over 90% off the usual price, this collection of apps is designed to give you a major leg up in multiple areas of life, from professional development and fitness to simply finding your center at the end of the day. Here's what's inside:

Become Multilingual with uTalk

Learning a new language keeps your mind sharp and your career options open.  This lifetime subscription to uTalk lets you pick any two of over 140 languages, teaching you real, practical vocabulary from native speakers, complete with independently verified translations, and broken down by topics. You can begin with the words you'll need most often, and then build on those skills from there. Use it on all your devices and you'll be speaking like the locals in no time.

Read—And Retain—More with 7 Speed Reading

Got a huge backlog of books? Or a lot of materials to get caught up on for work? Improving your reading efficiency will help you get caught up and get ahead. This lifetime subscription to 7 Speed Reading syncs to the cloud, so you can listen to lectures on reading strategy and practice breaking bad habits to read more and have better comprehension of what you read. It comes with over 20,000 books to practice your skills on, and you can upload any article, text file, or PDF you want to practice on to tap into anywhere, anytime.

Get ahead in Your Career with Integrity Training

"Never stop learning" is more than aspirational; it's often key to changing careers, developing new skills in the workplace, and getting promoted. Finding time for professional development, though, can be a challenge. Integrity Training's lifetime subscription offers over 600 courses from certified experts, whether you want to get the most out of Excel, go for your PMP, or boost your productivity, with courses easily accessed through any device covering Microsoft certifications, PMI, ITIL, CompTIA, and Microsoft Office. You can even work on your soft skills, learn the ins and outs of the business, and build your sales knowledge, all in your spare time.

Reach Your Fitness Goals With Fitterclub

Ready to reach your fitness goals? A lifetime subscription to Fitterclub gives you access to workouts and nutrition programs designed specifically for your needs, whether you're getting back into working out or looking for a new challenge. You'll choose the food you want to eat, and keep your workouts in your pocket so no matter where you go, you can get some exercise in.

Find Your Center With MindFi

Keeping calm and not letting stress get to you is key for staying on track with and reaching your goals, and MindFi's lifetime subscription provides four mental exercises that reduce stress, sharpen your focus, and help you improve your interpersonal relationships. The app includes guided breathing exercises; short meditations to let go of frustration and other negative emotions; timers to focus, and closed-eye meditations to unwind at the end of the day.

The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Bundle contains close to $3,000 worth of content, but you can get it now for a steal, just $78.99 today.

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