Working from home has been an adjustment for a lot of us — in no small part due to our home office set-ups. And by set-ups, we mean kitchen tables, living room couches, or wherever else we can hunch over our laptops with a cup of coffee.

Here's the thing though. That sweet office monitor set-up we had back in our office wasn't just for fun or even convenience; it actually helped us work better. As WFH life is teaching us, laptop screens by themselves just aren't the best for productivity.

Meanwhile, the case for double monitors — or triple — is clear. Here's the data, according to Jon Peddie Research: every 5 minutes, we lose at least 10 seconds toggling between tabs. And when compared to a single-screen laptop set-up, multiple screens can give you a 42% boost in productivity; not to mention a whopping  20% reduction in errors.

This is where Mobile Pixels comes in. They make expanding your on-screen real estate a breeze, without needing an electric outlet for an extra monitor or increasing the footprint of your laptop.

And right now, you can get up to 16% off portable laptop monitors from Mobile Pixels and upgrade your WFH experience ASAP.

The Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor for $249.99 is a veteran Indiegogo favorite, raising over $1 million in funding. Just attach your DUEX Pro to the back of any laptop, and the 12.5-inch, 1080p Monitor will give you dual-monitor functionality and help you multitask with features like flexible rotation, dual-sided sliding with 270-degree rotation, and 180-degree presentation mode.

Or grab the Mobile Pixels TRIO MAX: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor for your 15- to 15.6-inch laptop for $269.99, or the Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor for your 13- to 14-inch laptop for $214.99. Improving upon the DUEX Pro, the TRIO options make it even easier to use a portable monitor on the go with just a single cable for both power and data. The lighter, more compact design also features adjustable brightness and full 270-degree rotation. They're also designed to double up if you need — grab the two-screen bundle for either laptop size to really superpower your WFH setup.

So whether you don't have the home real estate for a second monitor or you're on the go a lot, Mobile Pixels has you covered. Pick up the DUEX PRO, the TRIO, or the TRIO MAX portable laptop monitors today to watch your productivity soar. And let's face it — you want it to soar pretty high unless you miss your old commute.

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