By the end of 2020, we'll have bought 240 million pairs of earbuds. Ever since Apple introduced the AirPods, the market has been flooded with options as people find the discreet design and battery case mean more music in your ears and fewer distractions on your calls.

EarFun staked out a place in the market early, and the EarFun Air has cemented it. They arrived on the market with both a CES 2020 Innovation Award and iF Design Award 2020. CES, in its award notes, praised the EarFun Air's "super long standby time of over 4000 hours as well as its perfect ergonomic design", something the iF committee echoed praising the "seamless ergonomic fit...engineered for all-day wearing." They've been getting rave reviews from a host of other critics, particularly PC Mag, which summed up their review with

The waterproof EarFun Air delivers powerful audio performance for a sweet sub-$100 price

However, there's more to these headphones than just a good fit. Here's a breakdown of what they offer and how it stands out.

What Makes The EarFun Air Stand Out

Touchpad Controls; Any earbud user knows the pain of bad controls. Whether you have to fiddle with the settings to make the double-tap do precisely what you want, or struggle to remember which side has which buttons to awkwardly poke at, it's clear that controls are a work in progress for much of the headphone industry.

The EarFun Air is built with touchpad technology on both of the earbuds. Regardless of which side, all the controls work the same, and you adjust the volume by leaving your finger on the right ear to turn it up or left to turn it down. Need to use Siri or Google Assistant? Triple-tap on either earbud.

In-Ear Detection: Most earbuds mute playback when you take one out of your ear, yet they'll do the same regardless of what you're listening to, annoying if it's a call. The EarFun allows you to listen to calls with just the earbud of your choice. And thanks to those touchpad controls, you won't have to scramble to find the other one to turn down the volume.

IPx7 Water Resistance: Many pairs of earbuds die when a bead of sweat makes its way to just the wrong place, and the EarFun is built to prevent that. IP stands for "Ingress Protection," in other words, waterproofing, created by the International Electrotechnical Commission. If something's rated IPx7, that means you can leave it under three feet of water for half an hour, and no water will have gotten into any important components. EarFun also has a proprietary technology, SweatShield, which hermetically seals the internal electronics so no matter how intense your workout, you won't hear that dreaded short noise.

4-Microphone Array: As we take more important calls while we're on the go, noise cancellation is becoming standard. The EarFun Air uses a four-mic array to spot and cancel out sounds so you can hear what's being said and respond without including the audio around you.

Wireless Charging: As a final handy touch, the Earfun Air's case is designed to fit how you charge your gear, compatible with both wireless charging pads and with USB-C cables. With a 7-hour average life on one charge and four charges from the case, you'll have up to 35 hours of listening time.

As we leave wires behind, and become more mobile, having the right earbuds is going to make life much easier. And at $55, The EarFun Air ensures you'll always have a pair handy and ready to go.

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