With so many people stuck at home, there are probably more amateur musicians recording music now than at any other point in history. So if you're one of them, and you’ve got sounds in your head that you want to share with the world, Soundtrap by Spotify gives you everything you need to create and collaborate in your own virtual “everywhere studio.” Best of all, you can try it for free.

Soundtrap by Spotify was designed to connect artists at all experience levels and allow them to create music (and practically anything else in the audio realm) together. With Soundtrap, you can record, edit, and collaborate from practically any mobile device, and all of your projects are cloud-stored, so they don’t take up any local storage space.

Even the free version of Soundtrap allows for unlimited projects, as well as access to 900 loops, 210 instruments and sounds, and more than 150,000 free sound effects sourced from freesounds.org. But Soundtrap also offers four other plans with even more options and features, so you can choose the one that's best for you.

Soundtrap by Spotify. Try a Month Now for Free.

Soundtrap by Spotify

The premium Soundtrap plan, for “Music Makers” of all levels costs $7.99 per month. You get unlimited storage and free sound effects, plus enhanced libraries of loops, instruments, and sounds, as well as technical features like Time Restore, Automation, and Remote Interviews. Then there are the Supreme plans, one for advanced Music Makers. and another specifically tailored for podcasters, both of which cost $11.99 per month. Finally, the total package costs just $13.99 per month, and contains every available feature:

  • 5580+ loops
  • 300+ sounds from Splice
  • 640+ instruments & sounds
  • 150,000 freesounds.org sound effects
  • Antares Auto-Tune
  • Time Restore
  • Automation
  • Remote Interviews
  • Priority Mixing
  • Interactive Transcripts for podcasts
  • high-quality downloads
  • Real-Time Podcasts Publishing on the Spotify Platform

All of the paid Soundtrap plans can be tried for a month risk-free, and subscriptions are billed annually after that. So if you’ve got any musical ideas at all to share with the world there’s, no reason not to give it a try. Soundtrap even lets you form “virtual bands” without ever having to set foot inside an actual professional (and expensive) recording studio.

Whatever genre of music you specialize in, whatever ideas you have that are just waiting to be shared, Soundtrap by Spotify is one of the best ways to get them out of your head and into the heads of your listeners.

Jaqueline Hynes is a singer/songwriter who uses Soundtrap by Spotify, and thinks it’s the future of music:

“Soundtrap has allowed me to connect with other artists whom I never could have reached before. I believe Soundtrap is the future of how musicians collaborate and share music.”

So if you’re ready to enter the future of audio recording and collaboration, click here to try Soundtrap by Spotify free for a month.

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