Say what you will about the state of the world, but there’s never been a better time for creating music or podcasts and getting them out in front of an audience. And with Soundtrap by Spotify, the process is easier and more convenient than ever, since it functions as a virtual “everywhere studio” that allows you to record, edit, and collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Soundtrap by Spotify was designed to be used by anyone regardless of experience level, and allow them to create in collaboration with other users. Using Soundtrap, you’ll be able to record and edit audio from practically any mobile device, turning it into a virtual recording studio with free cloud storage. Right now, you can try Soundtrap by Spotify free for 30 days. And when you do, you’ll find that it’s an invaluable service for anyone with a creative passion for music and/or podcasts.

Soundtrap By Spotify: Try It Free For 30 Days

Soundtrap by Spotify

Even if you stick with the free version of Soundtrap by Spotify, you’ll get cloud storage for unlimited projects, plus 900 loops, 210 instruments and sounds, and more than 150,000 free sound effects sourced from But if you opt for one of the four paid plans, you’ll be able to unlock the full potential of Soundtrap and its wide array of features.

The most basic premium Soundtrap plan is for Music Makers, and is priced at $7.99 per month. There’s also a Music Makers Supreme plan for $11.99 per month, a Storytellers plan for podcasters also priced at $11.99, and for someone who does it all, there’s Soundtrap Complete at $13.99 per month. Here’s a breakdown of what you get with a subscription to Soundtrap Complete:

  • 5580+ loops
  • 300+ sounds from Splice
  • 640+ instruments & sounds
  • 150,000 sound effects
  • Antares Auto-Tune
  • Time Restore
  • Automation
  • Remote Interviews
  • Priority Mixing
  • Interactive Transcripts for podcasts
  • High-quality downloads
  • Real-Time Podcasts Publishing on the Spotify Platform

No matter which of the different versions of Soundtrap by Spotify is best for you, you can try it for free for 30 days. When you do, you’ll learn that Soundtrap is one of the best and easiest ways to get the sounds in your head out into the real world.

One of the coolest Soundtrap by Spotify features is called Soundtrap Capture. Capture is so named because it’s designed to allow you to capture sounds out in the world -- whether they’re naturally occurring or something you create yourself -- and use them to quickly sketch and record a song along with any of your friends or collaborators who might want to add their own sounds into the mix.

If you’re ready to put your musical ideas on Spotify, Soundtrap by Spotify is available for you to try now, for free. So head over to the official Soundtrap site now to learn more.

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