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Get a Lifetime of Rosetta Stone, Online Privacy, and Book Summaries in this 3-App Bundle

Learn a new language, surf the web restriction-free, and more while you're stuck at home.

6. 14. 20 by Futurism Creative
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Social distancing and staying at home means we’ve got lots of time to fill, and there’s only so many reality shows you can stream before you start feeling the need to actually do something productive with your time. The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle gives you three-lifetime subscriptions to help you scratch that itch to be productive, by checking off books from your reading list, picking up a new language, or finally securing your internet.

12min Premium Micro Book Library: Lifetime Subscription

Few of us have the time to tackle, say, all 696 pages of Thomas Piketty’s Capital In The 21st Century or crack open a business classic like The Fifth Discipline, at 466 pages. The 12min Premium Micro Book Library, however, lets you absorb top reads in a fraction of the time with quick, twelve-minute summaries available in both audio and text forms.

Each book is distilled to its key points and relevant topics, so you can absorb the full overview and move on, or develop an understanding of the overall points so you can read the book more closely for the details you need. It’s an ideal way to get caught up, or refresh your memory, and with thirty new books added every month across a wide variety of genres, there’s always something new to learn.

Rosetta Stone Unlimited Access: Lifetime Subscription For 24 Languages

Rosetta Stone uses immersion and intuition to help you get the basics of each of the 24 languages offered. Immersion is one of the most effective ways to learn a new language as speaking, reading, writing, and hearing a language are all different, but connected skills. Rosetta Stone is built to start simply, allowing you grasp the ebb and flow of a language basics by matching words to pictures so you form a grasp of the grammar and structure of the language and then eases you into practical concepts with interactive lessons where you read, listen, and respond.


Whether you want to learn a new language for the trip you’ll take once the current situation eases, or to get ahead at work, Rosetta Stone focuses on the practical, everyday language that you’ll often see used. And since it’s web-based, all you need is a headset and microphone, and you can follow your lessons anywhere, any time.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription

A virtual private network (VPN) serves as both a security guard and a passport. By routing your browsing data through an encrypted tunnel and to a remote server, a VPN effectively masks your movements online, helping protect your private information and keep hackers and shady companies at a safe distance.

It also allows you access to sites that limit access to specific countries, opening the door to new live TV and letting international travelers access their streaming services and podcasts when they’re out of the country.


KeepSolid helps protect you from both unethical ISPs and hackers, with over 400 servers across the world to choose from, 256-bit encryption for your data, no speed or bandwidth limits, unlimited traffic and connection speeds, and apps for your phone, tablet, and laptop. More advanced VPN users can choose their preferred protocol, as well.

The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle gives you lifetime access to all three of these top-tier services for an absolute steal, just $199 right now.

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