A lot of us think of privacy and security as extinct quantities online, but actually there’s something very simple to make sure your data and online activity stay yours and yours alone: getting a Private Internet Access VPN, or virtual private network.

A virtual private network basically acts as a tunnel between you and the websites you visit, and keeps any prying eyes -- be they the government's, hackers', con artists', or advertisers' - from being able to see your data or browsing activity. And Private Internet Access is one of the very best VPNs you can get, with unbreakable security for all of your online devices for just $2.69 a month with a two-year subscription. And a two-year subscription also comes with an additional two months of free service.

Private Internet Access has been featured as an Editor’s Choice of publications like PCMag and Tom’s Guide, and it strengthens the security of a typical VPN with SOCKS5 proxy. The SOCKS5 proxy requires not one, not two, but three levels of encryption for information you send and receive online, encryption that with Private Internet Access comes courtesy of CBC Blowfish, one of the best and most trusted encryption algorithms available. It also comes equipped with MACE, which will keep spammers and other trackers from following your activity online. It will also improve your browser speed and performance and keep it free of adware.

Control Your Data With A VPN From Private Internet Access

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With the heavy duty security offered by Private Internet Access, you might assume that it’s difficult to set up and use. But actually, you can be browsing the Internet with full peace of mind with just a couple of clicks. It has no data caps and offers blazing speed via more than 35,000 servers located across 77 countries worldwide.

In today's world, coverage for multiple mobile devices is essential for anyone who’s serious about safeguarding their own privacy and security. That's why a Private Internet Access VPN includes protection for up to ten devices at once. It also comes with 24/7 chat support, so you can get the help you need whenever you might need it.

As mentioned above, you can get two years of online protection with Private Internet Access for just $2.69 per month (with two additional months free of charge), but the regular price for a month of protection is still an affordable $11.99. Go for just one year of protection instead of two, and you’ll pay only $3.33 per month. And you can try it for 30 days absolutely risk free.

Privacy and security online don’t have to be bygone concepts. With a Private Internet Access VPN, you can be certain that your data will only be shared with the sites and online entities you choose to share it with. So head over to the PIA site now and get started today.

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