At this point, it’s pretty much common knowledge that our online privacy is constantly under attack. But while most people understand that their data is at risk, what isn’t necessarily understood are the steps one can take to protect it. One of the easiest ways to keep your data safe is with a virtual private network, or VPN. And when it comes to choosing a VPN, CyberGhost is one of the very best options available to make sure your Internet usage stays private and secure.

Without a VPN, your Internet service provider (ISP) can keep logs of everything you do, and if a sufficiently powerful enough entity (like, for instance, a government agency) tells them to hand it over, they will. Not to mention the risk of them selling your information to data brokers and unscrupulous online advertisers. But with a CyberGhost VPN, your Internet activity will be scrambled and secured, visible only to you and its intended recipients, with no spying eyes, hackers, or anyone else getting access.

CyberGhost VPN: Keep Everything You Do Online Safe and Secure

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Of course, privacy is really only one reason you should consider using the Internet with CyberGhost. Another is that it offers true freedom, no matter where you physically are in the world. These days, the content you see online is often dictated by your geographical location, thanks to either governmental censorship or the corporate whims of media conglomerates that have different commercial strategies in different regions. But with a CyberGhost VPN, those restrictions are more like gentle suggestions that can be easily bypassed and circumvented at will.

Then, of course, there’s your personal data like credit card information, which hackers can use in order to steal your identity. If you’ve ever used a public WiFi network (like those used in airports or coffee shops, for example), you’re especially vulnerable to this mode of theft. But with CyberGhost you can use any WiFi network with total peace of mind, because it makes everything you do on the Internet completely private.

How is this accomplished? Like any other VPN, CyberGhost essentially secures your entire Internet identity on two fronts. First, it encrypts all your Internet traffic so that no one -- not even your own ISP -- can see it. Second, it reroutes all that traffic through its various servers scattered throughout the globe, effectively hiding your ISP address (and by extension your true, physical location) from anyone you might interact or share data with online. But CyberGhost offers some great features in addition to its 15 years of expertise in the Internet privacy. This includes military grade 256-bit AES encryption, a strict no-log policy for all users, 6800 worldwide servers, unlimited bandwidth, and simultaneous support for up to seven devices at a time.

Best of all, right now, you can get CyberGhost VPN for a special price of just $2.25 per month. So if you’re ready to join the digital revolution and take back your online privacy, head over to the official CyberGhost site now for more info and to sign up.

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