Have you ever had a moment where somebody asks you about some fact in a book you read, and you come up blank? You're not alone, and it can be a frustrating experience. Yet, we often forget that these aren't innate abilities. They're skills, and they're ones you can improve by learning speed reading and memory techniques, built on neuroscience and research. If you'd like to read more and remember more, the Speed Reading & Memory Master Bundle can show you how for just $50.

The Science

The average reading speed isn't as fast as you might think; a meta-study found it was 238 words per minute (wpm). Reading activates a number of different areas of the brain, which work together to get through that book. Like any team, if one member lags, or if you're not interested in the task, it can be tough to get the task done.

And we're being asked to do more reading as work than ever. The average worker gets 121 emails a day, and as we seek higher education to improve our careers, or take on more tasks that require technical manuals, memos, binders, and other material, reading will take up more and more of our time at work, if we let it.

The Speed Reading & Memory Mastery Bundle starts by clearing away the bad habits, and moving on to advanced speed reading and memory techniques.

The Courses

The Ultimate Speed Reading Course: Why do we read slowly? Like any skill we need to improve, it's because we've built bad habits over time, such as going back and rereading when we don't need to, reading one word at a time, and reading out loud, even in our minds. Across its 49 lessons, this course explores those habits, how to undo them, and how to replace them with better habits that help you read faster and remember more.

Speed Reading Simplified: Like any skill, there are techniques you can learn over time to be more efficient at reading. This 20-lesson course gives you a short, snappy guide to several techniques you can use to pick up your reading speed, especially when you've got a stack of required reading in the way of your actual work.

Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed: Do you hear a voice in your head when you read this? Many do. It's called prosody, and it's useful when speaking, but less so when reading. That's just one of 43 specific habits this course will analyze, show you how to brush away, and let you read faster and more efficiently.

Improve Your Memory: We often think of memory as innate or genetic, yet it can be trained in all sorts of ways. Jump into this course, and you'll learn the basics of how memory works in the brain and explore various methods geared toward helping you to boost your memory and recall.

Psychology of Memory: Strengthen & Improve Your Memory: Neurology and psychology work together in our daily lives, and understanding the psychology behind what we remember and what we forget is just as important as grasping how memory works. This course will walk you through the psychological perspective on memory, and how to make use of it as a skill.

Short of deleting everything, we probably can't control the flood of emails, training materials, manuals, and more. But with the Speed Reading & Memory Mastery Bundle, you can dam that flood and get ahead at work. Save over 90% when you get it today for only $29.99.

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