Tesla's newly announced Cybertruck turned a lot of heads for its unapologetically brutalist design, with sharp edges and minimalist stainless steel cladding.

And now, the internet has given the bizarre truck some radical new makeovers, fixing and tweaking the highly divisive design. Here are some of the best ones we've come across.

Executive director of the Industrial Designers Society of America Chris Livaudais reworked the angular body lines of the truck to more closely resemble a pickup truck. The result: a flat truck bed, a more recognizable front bumper, and an overall more aesthetic shape.

Courtesy of Chris Livaudais via Fast Company

Redditors over at the subreddit r/VaporwaveAesthetics took a more radical approach, giving the truck a paint job inspired by those waxy turquoise-and-purple cups from the 1990s.

u/gdj11 via Reddit

Others went the DC Comics route and reimagined the Cybertruck as a Batmobile in the style of "The Dark Knight."

u/Stubzzz_ via Reddit

Another Redditor even built an entire site that allows you to color a Cybertruck however you want, including an optional metallic finish. Try it out here.

u/overcloseness via Reddit

And for a particularly quirky look, Redditor avoidsquid cooked up this electrifying Pikachu-inspired finish.

u/avoidsquid via Reddit

Concept car artist BradBuilds came up with a lifted off-road version.

Twitter user BossLogic ended up generating a whole host of styles, including a Warthog from the popular video game "Halo" and a take on video game developer CD Project Red's upcoming title "Cyberpunk 2077."

Finally, here's a wild camper attachment with an outdoor grill.


Wait, hold on. That one's actually from Tesla. The company also showed off designs for a sleek-looking trailer.

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