Apple announced that the new iOS 10 will come with Swift Playgrounds, which would teach kids to code “in a seriously fun way.”

Apple believes that coding is an essential skill, with their slogan “Everyone Can Code,” they think...well, that everyone can learn the basics of coding—and that everyone should.

Swift Playgrounds introduces kids to coding using a graphical and playful interface that challenges the user with puzzles and goals to keep it entertaining, much like a game. A special keyboard with shortcuts and features will aid in making it as easy as it is fun.

Learn more about how it works in the video below:

Pre-made templates are available to demonstrate advanced codes, and an additional feature allows sharing and editing projects through Mail, Messages, or Airdrop. You can also import and export between Mac toolkit and Playgrounds. 

Swift Playground is now open source, with the developer preview already out and the final version that comes with the new iOS 10 free of charge.

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