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Scientists With Nothing Better to Do Created a Bubble That Lasted 465 Days Before Popping

Hubba Bubble We’re willing to bet that as a kid, most of us blew bubbles…

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NASA's Mars Rover Successfully Shakes Off Obstructing Pebbles

Ejecting Pebbles NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover has successfully ejected several pebbles obstructing its sample collection…

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Bitcoin Is Down Really, Really Bad

London Bridge Bitcoin continues to tumble down, down, down. As The Wall Street Journal notes, Bitcoin…

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Lighten Up With the Best Solar Panels in 2022

Solar panels have been a hot topic of conversation for sustainably minded people for decades,…

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Will Archeologists Learn Anything Useful In New Space Station "Dig"?

Archaeologists Alice Gorman from Flinders University and Justin Walsh of Chapman University in California launched…

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SpaceX Satellites Disrupting Ability to Spot Killer Asteroids, Scientists Say

Spotting Asteroids It’s no secret that the constellation has been wreaking havoc with astronomical observations…

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Tesla Employee Dies After Collapsing on Assembly Line

The Latest Tragedy A Tesla factory worker has died on the assembly line at the…

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The "Doomsday Glacier" Is Irreversibly Melting, Researchers Say


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Elon Musk Offers Starlink Internet at Volcano Disaster Site, Then Hesitates

Disconnection The small island nation of Tonga was devastated by a gigantic volcano eruption that…

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Breathe Easier with the Best Air Purifiers

If you suffer from conditions such as asthma or allergies, a consumer air purifier can…