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Man Who Accidentally Got Paid 330x His Salary Quits, Disappears

Peace Out A guy in Chile really hit the jackpot this week when his employer…

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Google Says It Will Automatically Delete Abortion Clinic Visits From Users' History

Search History Google has finally released some info about how the company will handle sensitive…

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Lawyers and Doctors Struggle to Figure Out Who's Actually Dead

The legal definition of death is ever-evolving. Yesterday's Daily Beast report detailed just how hard…

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10-Year-Old Forced to Cross State Lines by Disgusting Abortion Ban

A 10-year old child in Ohio missed the deadline to receive an abortion by three…

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Elon Musk Takes Flabbergastingly Awkwardly Picture With the Pope

Papal Pose Never has a photo looked as awkward as the one Tesla CEO Elon…

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Terrifying Video Shows Self-Driving Tesla Head Into Oncoming Traffic

Tesla's rollout of its controversial Full Self-Driving beta has been a bit of a disaster.…

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FBI Offers Huge Reward for "Cryptoqueen" Accused of Stealing $4 Billion

On the Run The second-most wanted person in the US right now is a Ponzi…

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Robots Now Delivering VR Porn Headsets to the Terminally Lonely

Special Delivery What happens in VR in Vegas, amirite? Forget strap ons — VR Bangers…

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North Korea Claims It Only Got COVID Because South Korea Sent Over "Tainted Balloons"

North Korea has finally decided to give its residents the true story behind COVID-19 and…