BMW has been looking to lead the way in vehicle digitization. In a field that is scrambling to build a truly "smart" car, that is no easy task. The luxury company just announced another move in that direction, with its plans to integrate the Amazon Echo into future vehicles.

The car company has announced that, later this year, it will be offering Alexa support for newer models. This will allow users to lock doors or get info like fuel and battery levels, all using voice commands at an Echo.

This will be via the new BMW Connected app, a car assistant that in itself has many features, including better trip management; it is able to tell you when you should leave by scanning your address book and calendar.


In a press release regarding the app, BMW said: "Later this year users will also be able to access BMW Connected via an Alexa skill for Amazon Echo, enabling them to get vehicle status like remaining range and execute remote commands like ‘door lock’, all through voice interaction."

When this launches for BMW, it will be joining Ford as one of two companies with Echo integration.

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