How does one top defying the mayor of New York City and the NYPD by speeding through the snow covered streets of the Big Apple on a snowboard being dragged by an SUV? Well, by learning how to fly, of course!

Youtube personality Casey Neistat released a new viral video showing him snowboarding and taking flight with the help of a custom built drone.

The drone took nearly a year to develop. The humongous 16-rotor flying machine is as decked as the halls with its festive Christmas lights. The fully-grown man was tethered behind the drone and strapped to a snowboard as he moved. The drone was dragging Neistat behind before finally lifting the 35-year-old nearly 8 meters (25 ft) into the air.

The whole stunt was sponsored by Samsung and, as such, was captured on a Samsung Gear 360 attached to the drone itself. Using the 360° camera and some handheld sports cameras, the team was able to capture some pretty impressive shots.

To add to the festiveness of the stunt, Neistat donned his trendiest Santa suit. Don't worry about Santa's organic flying machines, though, rumor has it that they're locked into a favorable contract with the jolly red elf for eternity.

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