This week, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency's (JAXA) landed a pair of tiny hopping robots to the asteroid called Ryugu, and they've got the mind-blowing photos to prove it. Meanwhile, SpaceX is officially gearing up to send a Japanese rover to the surface of the Moon around 2020. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Here Are the First Photos Japan’s Robot Landers Sent Back From an Asteroid. Japan's asteroid-exploring robots have officially landed on Ryugu and are now transmitting data and photos of the rocky small planet.

Scientists Just Took A "Spectacular Step" Towards Lab-Grown Human Egg Cells. Researchers have come closer than ever before to producing lab-grown human egg cells using just the blood of a person.

Electrical Stimulation Helped A Man With Paralyzed Legs Walk Again. With the help of electrical stimulation and physical therapy, a 29-year-old man diagnosed with total lower body paralysis can now take steps on his own.

SpaceX Will Send Another Company’s Robots to the Moon in 2021. Japanese space exploration company ispace is teaming up with SpaceX on two lunar missions, one in mid-2020 and the other in mid-2021.

Pet Store Puppies Are Spreading Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria. CDC officials have traced an outbreak of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria Campylobacter jejuni to pet-store puppies unnecessarily prescribed antibiotics.

Nuclear Power Used to Seem Like the Future. Now Its Fate in the US Is in Question. If we still need nuclear plants as a stopgap to moving away from fossil fuels, fine. But overall, atomic power no longer feels like the future.

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