If you’re at all concerned about the privacy and security of your personal data on the Internet, you’ve probably already thought about trying a virtual private network, or VPN. But in case you’re unclear on what a VPN is, here’s a quick introduction: Basically, whenever you use the Internet, it’s possible that everyone from hackers to law enforcement to your own ISP can see what you are browsing by way of your IP address. But with a VPN, your Internet activity is basically hidden within an encrypted tunnel between your VPN server and the websites you visit. And when it comes to VPNs, FastestVPN is among the best and most affordable on the market.

If you care about privacy and security, in FastestVPN you’ve found a company that cares about these things as much as or even more than you do. With FastestVPN, your data and online activity are completely classified For Your Eyes Only, thanks to 256-Bit encryption, the best security protocols in the business, and anti-malware software that will keep you from accidentally downloading any nasty tracking or spyware bugs.

Try A VPN From FastestVPN for 15 Days Risk-Free


FastestVPN is also a way to combat unfair throttling practices carried about by certain Internet service providers, as well as governmental and other kinds of regional censorship. The Internet will once again be open and free -- as well as private and secure -- with a subscription to FastestVPN.

In addition to the security of your private information, FastestVPN’s other top priority is right there in its name: speed. The service has been engineered to optimize peer-to-peer file sharing, giving users the ability to choose which servers are fastest so they can get the very highest download speeds possible. And FastestVPN also has an ironclad zero-logging policy that means none of the usual info or data-mining is being accessed by advertisers or anyone who might want to sell your data to the highest bidder.

One FastestVPN account will secure up to ten simultaneous Internet connections, and more than 20 of the most commonplace Internet browsing devices are compatible. Smart Tunneling and DNS Leak Protection are two more features that maximize both speed and security, and FastestVPN servers are some of the fastest and most reliable in the game, with 99.99 percent uptime, unlimited server switching, and unlimited bandwidth -- so you’ll never find yourself wishing you could trade a little Internet privacy for a little more Internet performance.

A month of FastestVPN will cost you an even ten bucks, but you can save almost all of that if you pay for a year or three years upfront. A year’s worth of FastestVPN costs just $2.49 per month, while three years costs just $1.11 per month -- a discount of some $320 compared to the regular monthly rate. And all three FastestVPN plans are available with a 15-day trial period, so if you try it for a couple weeks and aren’t satisfied, you can get your money back, no questions asked.

If you’re ready to try FastestVPN risk-free for 15 days, and experience a truly safe, secure, and private Internet experience, head over to the official FastestVPN site and sign up now.

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