When it comes to looking after your own health, there are two basic approaches you can take. You can either sit around and wait for things to happen, or you can get ahead of the fight and take steps to make yourself as healthy as possible. In other words, you can either be reactive, or you can be proactive. Unfortunately, for a long time being proactive about your health involved a lot of guesswork. All you could really do was exercise regularly, get good sleep, eat what you presumed was a healthy diet, and hope for the best. But more recently things have started to change. Over the last 15 years scientists have made major advancements in our understanding of how diet impacts wellness on a cellular level. Building on this new understanding, researchers have developed some incredibly advanced testing procedures powered by advanced AI analytics that can give us amazing snapshots of our cellular and microbial health. And now, thanks to the Health Intelligence Service from Viome, anybody can make use of this amazing technology to look after their own health.

Viome's revolutionary Gut Intelligence Test redefined what’s possible when it comes to supporting a healthy gut microbiome. Now Viome has taken things to the next level with their new Health Intelligence Service, which analyzes not just gut health, but cellular, mitochondrial, and immune system health as well, all in an effort to provide the most personalized dietary and nutritional recommendations possible.

If you’re looking for a way to put cutting edge science to work improving your daily life, Viome is an excellent place to start.

Viome Health Intelligence Service

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When you subscribe to Viome’s Health Intelligence Service, you’ll be sent two easy-to-use at home tests. One is a stool test used to map out your gut microbiome. The other is a blood test used to measure and analyze your RNA.

The human gut microbiome, often known simply as the gut, is the community of symbiotic bacteria and other microorganisms that live in the human digestive tract. Over the last few decades, scientists have discovered that this ecosystem plays a significant role in our overall health. When the microbes in your gut are out of balance, your body can't absorb nutrients the way it should. Recent research has linked the gut microbiome to a number of specific diseases and conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, obesity and weight management, sleep, and mental clarity. The gut microbiome is also closely interconnected with the immune system, with studies showing a clear link between diet and innate immunity. However, promoting gut health is not as simple as eating probiotic yogurt or drinking a bunch of kombucha. Each gut is different, so to promote gut health you have to know what’s going on in your gut.

Viome’s microbiome test determines exactly what microorganisms live in your gut and what role they play in this ecosystem. Using something called advanced metatranscriptomic sequencing, Viome identifies and quantifies every strain and species in your gut and determines what nutrients and toxins they are producing. Then they run your results through an advanced artificial intelligence engine to come up with personalized food recommendations designed to increase microbial species associated with overall wellness; minimize microbial species associated with poor health; create the ideal ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for your body; identify foods that are most compatible with your metabolism; help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight; and increase your energy, focus, and well-being. Your microbiome test results are also used to provide over 20 different health insight scores evaluating things like digestive efficiency, inflammatory activity, and metabolic fitness.

The other test included in Viome’s Health Intelligence Service is a blood test that measures your RNA. Whereas DNA is used for long term storage of genetic information and creating new cells and organisms, RNA is used to transfer your genetic info from the nucleus to the ribosomes so they can make proteins. By measuring RNA, we get a better understanding of how genes are expressed, and also how well cells and mitochondria are functioning.

Poor mitochondrial function means cells don’t have enough energy to repair themselves and has been linked to aging, poor metabolism, cardiovascular health, and brain health. Meanwhile, poor cellular health has been linked to low energy, poor stress response, inflammation, and immune response, among other things.

Viome’s RNA test results are used to provide an additional 30 health insight scores, measuring things like overall mitochondrial health, overall cellular health, stress response, biological age, and immune system health. Then their AI engine analyzes your scores, runs them against the Viome database, and tells you which foods are your superfoods, which foods you should minimize, which foods you should avoid, and which supplements you should take. Following these recommendations is intended to help with mental clarity, immunity, mood, weight, sleep, energy levels, and of course your digestive wellness.

Be Proactive With Your Health

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Thanks to advancements in modern science, we no longer have to rely on guesswork when it comes to our health. Viome’s Health Intelligence Service is designed to help you understand your health on a cellular level and provide you insights and advice you can actually understand and implement.

If all that sounds pretty good to you, don’t wait another day. Click here to read more about Viome’s Health Intelligence Service and find out if it’s right for you.

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