There's reportedly a minor civil war brewing amongst government officials over just how much of their UFO intelligence they should turn over to Congress and the public — and at the heart of it, an alleged cabal of powerful secret-keepers.

In interviews with Politico, government officials — who, unsurprisingly, spoke on condition of anonymity — said that there are those within the Pentagon who are "protecting very interesting information" from being released to the public, even as others within and outside the Defense Department are trying to bring daylight to this subject of increasing interest.

"They fetishize their secret society," one intelligence official told Politico in interviews ahead of tomorrow's House Intelligence Committee hearings on unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAPs, which is the military's rebranding of what were previously known as UFOs), the first of its kind since 1966. "It’s kind of a Skull and Bones-type vibe. They take it seriously but they have no accountability. Zero. There is a whole group of us that know in great detail this subject, a lot of which has not been reported to Congress because of security issues."

It's going to take some sort of "forcing mechanism," another Defense Department official said, to get these gatekeepers to reveal even part of their closely-guarded secrets to Congress and, in turn, the public.

While it all sounds very "X-Files"-ish, there's another, much more mundane concern among some officials who spoke to Politico. They're more worried about the actually-unexplained sightings being grouped together with the thousands of alleged UAP sightings that turn out to be bupkis.

According to one intelligence official, legit UAPs are so rare that they accounted for maybe "five things out of 5,000." This same official said their superiors seem to think UAPs are "all air trash" and, as such, aren't taking it seriously enough.

This attitude, it seems, has led to increasing calls during the Trump and Biden administrations to reveal more about UAPs, which started with the strategic leaking of information about these strange occurrences in late 2017 and coalesced into the Defense Department establishing a public-facing office to study UFOs in November 2021.

Whether or not we'll start to get a fuller picture of what the Pentagon (and this supposed cult of gatekeepers) knows remains to be seen — but you'd best believe we'll be reading the liveblogs eagerly.

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