Everyone familiar with blockchain has one, nagging question: Where, exactly, did this technology come from? Futurism and SingularDTV have answered that question with Futurism’s debut original documentary film Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, directed by award-winning documentarian Alex Winter and narrated by Rosario Dawson.

Following renown "hacktivist" at large, Lauri Love, the documentary asks thought leaders, business executives, and innovators from around the world about the way blockchain seems to have risen out of the depths of the internet and into their offices.

How did a hopeful concept published by an anonymous genius turn into a technology everyone wants as part of their business? And more importantly:  Have we all been taken for a ride? Is blockchain destined to become bigger than the internet, or is it a bubble waiting to burst?

Director Alex Winter has tackled a number of  tech-docs in his career, but he’s been formulating a film about blockchain for years. “I’m really excited about this film. I’ve been wanting to make a documentary about cryptocurrency and blockchain since the rise of bitcoin several years ago, but the story was too murky at the time, and it wasn’t clear if the larger world was ready for it,” he says.

And right now is the time to do it. “I was approached by SingularDTV and Futurism at the perfect time. Bitcoin was on another huge rise, ethereum had arrived with a vengeance, and thousands of cryptocurrencies now flooded the market. It was clear that finally, cryptocurrency and blockchain were becoming household words. I felt like the ride of the coming year would be more extreme, polarizing and game-changing than anything that had come before, and so it was the perfect moment to pick up a camera and document this extraordinary world. Whatever one thinks of it, blockchain is a perfect encapsulation of the highs and lows, speculation, profit and disruption of the Information Age.”

Be one of the first to hear the best insights into blockchain’s future in New York City at Cinema Village on October 26, 2018 and in Los Angeles at The Laemmle Santa Monica on Nov 16.

Trust Machine was produced by Kim Jackson of SingularDTV, Geoff Clark of Futurism Studios and Alex Winter of Trouper Productions, with Zach LeBeau, Arie Levy-Cohen, Alex Klokus and Joseph Lubin as Executive Producers.

Disclosure: Futurism Studios is owned by Futurism Media, and as such, Futurism's editorial team may indirectly benefit from the success of this film. Futurism's editorial team was not involved in the production of the film or this post.

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