On Sunday, United States President Donald Trump announced during a live news conference that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the terrorist group ISIS, was dead.

One of the juiciest details he shared about the two-hour raid: that the U.S. military brought a robot along for the mission. But unfortunately for the military tech junkies of the world, details on this bot seem harder to find than al-Baghdadi himself.

What we do know: Trump noted the robot's involvement several times during his live news conference.

"We actually had a robot to go in the tunnel but we didn’t get it because we were tracking [al-Baghdadi] very closely," he said. "But we had a robot just in case because we were afraid he had a suicide vest on and if you get close to him and he blows it up, you’re going to die."

When a reporter later asked Trump if the robot followed the ISIS leader into the tunnel where he eventually killed himself, Trump responded that "the robot was set to but we didn’t hook it up because we were too — they were moving too fast. We were moving fast."

Trump's official written statement on the mission, however, makes no mention of any military robot. And so far, no one else involved in the ISIS raid has breathed a word about it.

We know a military dog got injured during the raid because Trump declassified a photo of the hound. We also know the mission "included helicopters, jets, and U.S. drones," because that's what sources involved in the raid told NBC News.

Perhaps Trump was using the term "robot" loosely, and it was actually a drone that the military considered sending into the tunnel — but we doubt it.

U.S. officials did tell NBC News that some of what Trump said during the news conference was "inaccurate" and that some of the facts the president did get right — such as his disclosure that the U.S. captured ISIS fighters during the raid — could compromise future military operations.

So, as much as we want to know more about this military robot, we're not confident we can Trump's version of events — and for the safety of the troops, it's probably for the best that the bot remains shrouded in mystery, anyway.

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