Going Wireless

Apple continues to push the envelope of wireless technology, now reports state that they company is looking into how they can provide wireless charging for future iPhones. Notably, the reports have yet to be confirmed by the company; however, "insiders" in the industry claim that the technologies are on their way.

According to “people familiar with the plans” who recently spoke to Bloomberg Business, the tech giant is eyeing 2017 to introduce the technology to the public.

But unlike current wireless charging technology available today, where devices need to sit on top of a cradle to charge, it will be more efficient by being capable of long-distance charging.

Currently, high end Android phones and Windows devices include wireless charging capabilities, but it’s not a standard feature for smartphones yet, the range is very limited, and mid-range to low-end devices do not come with wireless charging support at all. Even for smartphones that do, multiple competing standards make it a less than desired option.

Ongoing Advancement

The biggest problem with current wireless technology is that your phone still has to be in contact, or at least very close together, with the charging platform for it work. It makes wireless charging rather pointless, as it's supposed to allow individuals to charge their devices where it is convenient and where the devices can be used without a hassle.

Having to stay within a foot of the charging device is kind of the opposite of this.

Apple’s proposed wireless charging technology could change all this. However, their plans come after a Ukrainian startup has unveiled their own wireless charging technology, which is capable of delivering power straight to devices 16 feet (a little over 5 meters away). This means being in the same room with the charger can easily juice up devices.

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