UFO hunters are probably scouring the sky for signs of ET — but one company wants you to see them at your local beach.

Italian mini-yacht company Jet Capsule previously showed us an alien saucer-shaped floating houseboat concept earlier this year called UFO, and now, they have an updated design.

UFO's general design concept — a floating circular houseboat with a large disk around it — has remained largely the same. It's made mostly of fiberglass and carbon fiber, relies on solar panels, and has a dome containing bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen.

But the new design, UFO 2.0, has several upgrades. It's bigger, from 12.5 m (41 ft) to 20 m (65 ft) in diameter; it has three levels with an upper area with the controls and hot tub; a central room with a kitchen and bathroom and a submerged bedroom; and its twin 80 horsepower engines can now put out 16 km/h (10 mph) compared to the previous model's 6.5 km/h (4 mph).

The new and the old design have another thing in common: they need funding. Jet Capsule is currently organizing a Kickstarter campaign that will launch in the next few weeks. If all goes well, they promise the first deliveries in 2018.

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