Jet Capsules, an Italy-based mini-yacht maker, is bound to change your notion of those metallic alien flying saucers known as UFOs. Think they aren't real? Think again. Well, okay, so may be the flying part is up in the air, but UFOs do exist—Meet the Unidentified Floating Object.

Currently a concept design with a prototype in the making, the UFO will sport an entirely circular design with a total of 30 m2 (322ft.2) for use as a two-story living space.

It will also have a garden around it's "disk."

A 3D rendition of the UFO design by Jet Capsules. Credit: Jet Capsules.

And it will be able to move! It'll have a leisurely maximum speed of 6.5 kph (4 mph) out on the high seas.

Jet Capsules claims that the vehicle will rely on a renewable energy source, asserting the power will come through a 40 m2 (430 ft.2) solar panel housed in a closeable lid on the roof, with optional sources of wind and water turbines. Fresh water will come from rain or seawater, which will be processed by a water generator.

A 3D rendition of the UFO design by Jet Capsules. Credit: Jet Capsules.

With one story, submerged underwater, this UFO will undoubtedly be a popular hit among those seeking to go off-grid out on the vast ocean waters.

However, it may be questionable as to how this floating object might handle the rough seas, but the company assures that their UFO is unsinkable thanks to their "elastic anchor system" that will keep the craft stable...but it may bounce you about quite a bit when the storms rage.

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