There's nothing more magical than science. Well, except perhaps a microscope. That's what makes so much of our scientific discoveries possible, after all. Just recently, an international team of researchers were able to observe space-time crystals on camera. A transmission X-ray microscope made that possible.

Now, we can't make that possible from the comfort of your home. But this Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand will allow you to zoom in up to 200 times on whatever scientific discovery is hiding inside your home, outside in your yard, or even in your lab if you're still commuting into one. The stand is $80 off for a limited time with coupon code VEHO80. That means you'll only pay $99.95 for this cool gadget.

The Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand can shoot photo and video at a high-resolution. You can see the tiniest of objects—even just 1.2 millimeters. The microscope comes with a stand to help you position it on a surface, but the cradle also adjusts so that you can use it as a handheld microscope. The software that comes with your purchase makes it easy for you to record and save your findings to your computer and, ultimately, share with your wider team.


Amazon customer reviews make it clear that it's a great device for the price. The USB port on the microscope allows for easy sharing to your computer screen. One user was excited to share that the microscope would make for a perfect present: "This microscope plugs into your PC, so you can see bugs, leaves, hair—even pores opening and closing on skin. Just the kind of things to fascinate kids. I'm sure it has plenty of serious uses too. It can be maneuvered into small spaces if you're looking for something, for example. Great toy for something that isn't a toy!"

Make the Veho DX Discovery USB Digital Microscope with Stand yours for only $99.95.

Prices subject to change.

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